Thursday, September 20, 2012


So about 14 months ago these great people burst into our life! It didn't take long for strong bonds to be formed. It worked out perfectly... a fellow photographer/crafter/baker/homeschooler on my side not to mention the fact that both husbands were named Justin and they had 3 awesome kids that played great with our 2. We were able to have deep conversations followed by terrible puns (thanks to the Justins). There were countless hours spent watching ridiculous tv shows and drinking great cups of coffee (with Almond Joy creamer whenever possible). We had one of those rare relationships that was just easy.
The problem is that no matter how much you want someone to feel like your home is also theirs, you cannot force it. Unfortunately, this is what happened. I so wanted our kids to grow up being best friends and get to watch their boys play music with N and N. But you can't force something like this... you can't make someone love your home.
Kindred spirits are hard to come by. I have only had a few in my life and from very early on in our friendship it was clear to see that Bekah and I were kindred spirits. If people had been a fly on the wall in some of our conversations they would have thought we were crazy!
So we got the news that they were moving back to the great state of Texas. Hearts were broken, tears were cried (my face was splotchy for a day or so). My soul was sad, but at the same time, my soul was at rest.
So to sum things up friends were made, but friends were NOT lost.  And even though some things are just super lame, it's only because we are short sighted and can't see the big picture. People may say things like, "well, they just wasted a year of their life". This is not true, they are different people then when they moved here, they have affected so many lives here. It was NOT a wasted year! They got called here, and then they got called back... end of story. We are just blessed that they were here even if for a short time.

Just a few to show the crazy relationship our family has with one another

A rare moment where it is not Nathan and Matthew together

There is not much to say!

Boys loving each other

Crawdad catching

David dancing to the strobe light fireworks