Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So I married into a crazy horse family. And lets just say the fire has not gotten ahold of me. It's not that I don't like horses, it is just that there are a whole lot of things that excite me more. Right now one of those things is taking pictures, so consequently there are a lot of photos on or around horses. Last week we went down to the horse ring and I discovered some great photo opportunities!!

Nathan's facial expression cracks me up!

Relaxin' all cool

 Thunder (The kids pony)

He even gets bored every once and a while 

Caught this one of her spinning while half way in a backbend

I can't take the giggles

So even though horses are not my thing, it's totally worth it to see them develop confidence in something. I love that they get to spend valuable time with grandparents doing something other than just watching tv.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fusy (what you get when you cross Fun and Busy)

So after a week of being without my man, the weekend began with a bang. We had such a crazy fun-FILLED time.

  • #1 leave the house at 6am for Winchester. We started our day off bright and early on friday morning with a trip to see Winchester to see some great friends. Meredith was the second person I fell head over heels for. Our friendship became close fast and she continues to impress me. One thing I love so much about her is how she treats her husband Ben. We got to her house a few minutes before she got home from her internship and the first thing she did after greeting us is tell us that she needed to go hug Ben. They have the kind of marriage that people should copy. 
  • #2 pile into the car to head to D.C. It started with a trip to a guitar store to buy Justin a new electric. Meredith and I picked out the one before we got through the door. Its great when the prettiest guitar (obviously the reason we picked it out) can be the exact type Justin was looking for. So even though we had picked out the guitar upon walking in, and told the salesmen thats the one we wanted within 5 minutes of walking into the store we were still in their for an hour. This was irritating at the time because I have the attention span of a gnat with ADD, but looking back I realize how great it is to see multiple people so passionate about what they did they couldn't even let some stranger leave without picking their brain.
  • #3 dinner with Eric and Bethany (Justin's college friends). It's so much fun to eat great food with great friends. As we leave the restaurant it starts raining, and gets progressively harder til all 3 of us are huddled underneath an awning waiting for the rain to ease up only to realize that we don't have a choice in the matter of getting soaking wet.
  • #4 Dawes concert! They are so great in concert. The last time we saw them they were playing for a crowd that did not really know who they were. This time they were the headliners and the show was sold out. My favorite part of the concert was the look on his face when the crowd would sing their songs. It was pure joy, you could just feel his heart leap as he watched the crowd.
  • #5 make the 4.5 hour drive from D.C. to Newport (not Newport News), and when I say drive this was justin's contribution, mine consisted of sleeping. We walk in the door at Meredith's parents house at 5 am and set the alarm for 7 am. 2 hours is like a sleep appetizer, just enough to make you want more.
  • #6 Head to a gymnastics meet. This was Natalie's first meet and even though it was super laid back, my nerves were going crazy. But she did great, finishing first on 3 out of 4 events! All my 12 first time competitors and 3 veterans did. I love it when I get to see girls do my sport and it makes me so happy to see my little one do things that I couldn't do at 7! 
  • #7 and by far the most exciting event of the weekend... My sister has her baby!! He was 7.2 lbs and born at 5:15 in the afternoon. Wesley Samuel is perfect, with one exception, he was born in New Mexico.
All in all it was a perfect weekend!